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Книга 1.heic

In the spring of 2021, a joyful event happened: my first children's book was published! From the age of eight, I began to draw characters and invent a plot. And from the age of 12 she began to write down this and other stories in school notebooks. It has always been my hobby, I drew characters and dreamed that someday there would be a real book. As a result, a decent pile of manuscripts accumulated. And in 2020, I decided to contact the publisher. 

Now you can find a book about the adventures of a swallow girl with my illustrations on the website of the Argo publishing house, as well as in the Apollo and Rahva Raamat stores.

Three more books are being prepared to continue this story!

Follow the links below to read the contents of the book and even flip through the first few pages! And if you want to buy a gift for yourself or someone else:

You can also subscribe to my Instagram dedicated to the book and illustrations to keep abreast of the creative process and spy on the work of the writer and illustrator.

Here and on the ArtStation website, you can see some illustrations in excellent resolution:

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